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WE'RE on a noble path of change

Our story

Noble Oat believes in the notion of setting high standards—of doing the right thing, every time, and eating the right things, always. ­The art of eating well comes down to one simple philosophy: use good ingredients. That's the not-so-secret recipe for our unparalleled-in-taste granola.

we're on a noble path that starts with purpose

At Noble Oat, we're on a path that starts with purpose. Our granola is made with pure ingredients our earliest ancestors thrived on, and nothing else. That's because, at the end of the day, our idea of success is to make people feel good, so they can go out and do good.

Growing up, my dad would often remind me that “how you do anything is how you do everything.” My parents and grandparents were the types of people who built their own homes, canned the crops they grew, made meals from scratch, and serviced their own cars. Though humble, my childhood in wild and wonderful West Virginia laid the groundwork for a life powered by hard work, curiosity, and intention.

It’s this type of self-discovery and experimentation, partnered with a belief in the power of natural foods, that inspired Noble Oat. In the 1800s, granola was actually pioneered by a physician as a nutrient-dense, life-sustaining functional food. Somewhere along the way, its wholesome ingredients were replaced by sugar and additives that have no place being in the food we consume.

As a physician, I've seen the havoc that results from poor diet and lifestyle. My mission is to bring granola back to its roots with intentionally chosen powerful ancient plants. Because, in order to do anything well, we must be well. 

with love and intention —

this is more than just a granola company

we're on a mission

We're on a noble path to create change—it starts with oats, but it doesn't end there. Every day we consciously source the best ingredients to feed you a wholesome, intentional snack. Along the way, we support sustainable, family-owned farms to strengthen our local food systems. And, we advocate for the endless benefits of clean, responsibly-made food. There is power in getting back to our roots, of eating good foods, and supporting those who grow them. Start small but start somewhere. It's not just granola, it's a revolution.

To help protect our land and ecosystem, we are giving back 1% of our profits, each year, for environmental conservation. Without healthy access to nature, we have no food to grow or way to sustain. More importantly, it’s time we start thinking about thriveability, not just sustainability

we are consciously sustainable

Our efforts towards sustainability don’t end with sourcing local products which support sustainable, family-owned farms. We apply this philosophy to everything we do and how we do it.

  • Shipping boxes: Sourced from a local, Charlotte, NC company who offers ‘misfit’ shipping boxes that would otherwise be thrown away to reduce waste.
  • Packaging tape: Made from gummed kraft paper, our tape is eco friendly, recyclable, biodegradable, and repulpable.
  • Packaging labels: Our labels are printed by a local, Charlotte, NC printer, whose press reduces its impact on the environment through using recycled content, increasing efficiency and accuracy to reduce waste, and consume fewer natural resources with a cleaner operation.
  • Kraft, resealable paper bags: We invest in the durability and quality of our bags to make them easy to repurpose and use multiple times.

we are wholeheartedly transparent

We believe in wondering, just not about what we put in our bodies. Want to know what's in our granola? Just read the label—we promise it won't take long. Curious about our grain growers and honey harvesters? Read about them and their labors of love on our website. Everything you want to know about Noble Granola is free for the taking. 

organic gluten-free oats

from grain MILLERS

organic gluten-free groats

from The Birkett Mills

fresh ground peanut butter

from hampton farms

Honey & Sorghum

from the dutch kettle

Organic Coconut Butter

from kevala

Organic Coconut chips

from terrasoul

we are granola purists

Somewhere in time, granola lost its way. Invented by Dr. James Caleb Jackson at his New York sanitarium in the late 1800s, ‘granula’ was originally pure and unprocessed. In an 1893 advertisement, it was marketed as a 'healthful food' for 'travelers and excursionists who often need to carry the largest amount of nutriment in the smallest bulk.' Then, 'granula' became 'granola,' sugar became a first ingredient, and nutrition became an afterthought. We're bringing granola back to its roots and making Dr. Jackson proud in the process.

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